Success and  Your office Crew

Top Gun Maverick

Highly Experienced guy. Doesn’t care about promotions. Loves doing ‘his thing’. Can learn tons of stuff from this guy.

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell

Iceman" Kazansky

Focussed guy who got what he wanted. Started out with Maverick. Now in a superior position.

Bradley "Rooster" 

He could get a promotion, but is always second guessing himself.

Jake "Hangman"

Tries to outshine others. Not a team player.

Beau "Cyclone"

Authority. Looks threatening, but isn’t always the bad guy. Wants to get the job done.

Natasha "Phoenix" 

Runs with the wolves, but holds her own. Not easy being an outsider, female or otherwise.

Chester "Hammer"

Man with a vision and obsession. He believes in a theory. Willing to defend it vehemently.

Robert "Bob"

Important part of the team because of his skills.

Solomon "Warlock"

The Department head. Another division. Experienced. Skilled. Gotta respect him.

Bernie "Hondo"

The colleague who trusts and supports you.

Penny Benjamin

Lives life by her rules. Cafeteria manager.