The five point mantras

Whatever you want to achieve, always be focused on your goals. Know what your priorities are. Put them down for reference. Go back to them to remind yourself of your objectives. On your way be sure to ask for help when you need it. These five points mantras for organizing small things on your way to success will help you get there faster. 

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Be punctual

Whatever you do, wherever you do it, remember to be there on time. Your should be on time in your shop or office premises, so you are an example to the people working for you. If you are an employee, be at your workplace on time. It is the least your boss expects from you.  If you work from home be at your work station on time. Never let the idea cross your mind that you started working from home to be your own boss. Well you thought wrong. If you work for someone you have one boss, but if you are self employed your clients are your bosses. You have just traded one boss for many. Unless you have found that mythical work place where you do not have any responsibilities and can do what you like, when you like and actually be paid, please be on time.


Take a deep breath. Reflect about your goals, for the week and where you stand in the process of completing them. Think positively. You know you can compete with your deadlines. You just need a plan. Block negativity. Plan your day. Get organized. Prioritize the important work first. This does not include what you were doing yesterday, but is not needed today – even if it was not completed. You need to do what needs to be done today. Do not take on the easy tasks first. If they are easy you can do them at the end of the day, even when you are tired. Do not waste time reading emails unless you were supposed to receive an important mail or your work includes checking emails for instructions, suggestions etc. In which case scan through. Learn to scan what is important and what can be put off. Time yourself. Do not waste time over useless, less important mail, however inviting they may be.

Greet everyone

Don’t be grumpy first thing in the morning. Nobody likes a whiner although it is like a terrible fashion to start the day talking about the failures of yesterday. You may have had a terrible night, but this new day is more important. A team leader or boss has to be even more careful. Smile. You don’t have to put on the obvious fake smile, but a little effort to be nice may bring on a smile anyway. Talk to the team. Have a huddle if necessary. Share goals and priorities. Avoid being chatty. Do not get into conversations that are of no consequence. You can’t please everyone and just try not to offend. Make an excuse and catch up later.

Important communications first.

Call whoever needs to be called and email whoever needs to be emailed. Do not put it off making excuses for the other person. You might miss the person later during the day thus losing the day completely. It is also possible that if you call later the person might not give you a reply or respond to your request till late in the evening or maybe next day.

Organize your workspace

Clear that clutter. Your work station should be a reflection of you. Nobody likes an unorganized person. If you believe it shows how busy you are, know this – you are there only to impress your boss or client and he or she may not appreciate an untidy worker. If you have time during your morning tea break do not chat or look at those fun emails. Unclutter. This also means getting things in place, where they shall be easily retrieved, thus saving precious minutes. You may not realize that a simple act of organizing the keyboard and mouse of your computer will help you from backaches and make work pleasurable.

Have a good day!!

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