uncomplicate sauban pathan

Let’s Start the Journey to Progress

Hi! My name is Sauban and I would like to share my knowledge with you. I am a writer and have enough experience about effective communication to share so that you could benefit from the information. Of course, you can make your own mistakes and learn from them. You will agree though that learning from others mistakes will help you go faster. We can make a deal. You learn from me and I learn from you.

I have worked with many young people and have found that you guys do not lack enthusiasm and grit. However, a lot of people struggle for lack of 2 things. One is direction and the other is confidence. And these two things are lacking not because of lack of advice. We have more than enough of advice – every Tom, Dick and Hari and his uncle has advice. What we need is perspective. Advice from our point of view. So I can give advice, but what different would that make? Or I can work with you to get things in perspective. Before you know it you will be well on the road YOU call success.