Content marketing is the branch of digital marketing that aims to engage the audience and make them your active partners.

While some businesses are still working towards getting on to the web, young people in India, and remember there are many of them, are logging on to the net for everything we can think of. From information about small things like headaches and backaches, to yoga and healthcare services. From finding the appropriate courses to enhance careers to information about loans for education. From information to buying cars, homes and office spaces and mobile phones and clothes to home appliances. From cell phones to jewelry. The vast spectrum of information available on the web is humongous.

Most business owners don’t even know the difference between digital marketing and content marketing. Aren’t they the same? Well. Yes! They are. But while digital marketing is everything under the roof that you are doing online to get your customers to notice you and ultimately sell your products, content marketing is part of digital marketing where you engage with the customer and potential customer before selling them anything. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the direct and online route to new and old clients. Yet surprisingly most businesses ignore this route and concentrate on traditional ways to interact and to convert customers. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of people are now looking towards digital marketing seriously to help expand their business exponentially. Digital marketing includes having a presence on the web – in other words a website or at least a social media page. You can contact your customers using mobile marketing – SMS, email, video and everything else that you can do electronically. You can also use content marketing. 

What is Content Marketing?

While content marketing uses all the above mentioned electronic media, the aim of content marketing is to engage customers and solve their problems, and your products or services could be part of the solution. In other words, if you have a website and you tell the world how good you are and the many years of experience your company has gathered to impress upon your customer your service or your product is something they should use – that is your digital marketing effort. For example you are an interior design firm and your website elaborates the kind of work you have done and your year of establishment along with case studies of your work.

If you use the same website to make sure the consumer in your field of work gets a solution to his problem then you are indulging in content marketing. For example your interior designing website talks about “How to design small spaces” or “What colours to use in the bedroom” etc. Now why would you do that? One – people are searching for solutions and not you and two, it establishes you as an authority and friend.

How does content marketing work?

As I stated earlier, it is common knowledge that people are searching for solutions to their problems. You too go on a search engine to do what? You don’t type a company name if you are looking for – how to design a particular area of your living room or you have a small rash on the elbow or maybe you are looking for some hand ornaments. The search engine replies with websites that have used most of the words you typed in the search bar and in a sequence that is most relevant. Wouldn’t it be better that your website used these words along with all that self-praise that you have filled your website with?

Around 61% of people on the web search for information about whatever they need on search engines. This information would be helpful to make a better and informed decision. Whoever offers help will automatically become a trusted friend. Similarly, anybody browsing social media will usually swipe up many things before deciding to look at a particular post, image or video. This post will probably be something he or she is interested in and not just any random information. So it makes more sense to make posts that are relevant to the users.

How to do content marketing?

Although the aim of content marketing is simply to engage the consumer/user, it is a meticulous job. In other words you are attracting your customers and potential customers by advising them and offering practical solutions to their problems. This also creates trust with you customers. They know they can turn to you for help. In this situation if you offer your product and service to make their life simple, they will readily accept it. This process is called conversion. They have converted from being potential customers to being customers. Content marketing however, doesn’t stop here. Marketing in general should not stop here and there should be continuous interaction with the customer to make sure they are taking the most advantage out of what you have sold them. Why? Customer service should be the top priority of your team so that they are delighted and not only become repeat customers but also refer you to others. And the reach increases. Remember the 3 important steps in content marketing – Attract, Convert and Delight. 

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