That’s a good question. Can you answer that about yourself? My name is Sauban and I have a simple philosophy, that I should do what I love doing and earn what I deserve to earn. Okay! Earn more than I deserve, but mind you doing what I like. I hate wasting my time on work I do not like. You must have heard many experienced people saying: happiness is important, but for the guy who is stuck in a rotten job will say: Yes what does that idiot know! He believes in working hard and then after he has accumulated enough wealth, retire and enjoy life. Well trust me it doesn’t work that way. Savings that look big today will look small in some years. And that planned retirement will go up in smoke. Been there done that. Believe me what you need is work that you will enjoy doing and not want retirement from. Wealth can take care of itself when you start working for yourself.

I am a copywriter by profession. It is something I do not want to retire from, regardless of the money I earn. Retirement is for people who do not like what they do. However, knowing what to do in life seems to be a difficult question for many people especially young adults who have just stepped out of school or college. Heck! It is difficult for people who have already chosen a career for themselves. They work on their chosen fields for years. The only fact that they’ve done it for so many years keeps them enduring what they do. Ultimately, they burn out. Some come out of the rat race with enough to let them live the rest of their lives in peace. Most wring their hands in frustration and wonder what could have been. Whatever you do, choose wisely because you may have to stick to it for the rest of your life. Be in control of your life.

Sauban Pathan
Content Marketer
Copy Writer
NLP Counsellor
REBT Counsellor
Cognitive Behaviour Expert
Career Counsellor

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